About Us

The Story of Bruzer Gear

Hello my name is Ray Brown I am the new proud owner of Bruzer Gear pack systems.  Welcome to our site.

There was a great man in my life who started me hunting at the age of 6. He begged and pleaded with my mother to take her boys on their first deer hunt in Northern Washoe, an area we call 015; with her approval we started our venture in the great outdoors.  What we were taught was so much more than hunting. We were taught survival skills, how to make a fire, and we learned why its so important to love this land and be supporters of our wildlife and the ground we walk on. Our first trip was a successful one as we harvested a mule deer, however what was created was a new dedicated life hunter and someone who appreciates the great outdoors.

This man was and still is my Uncle Billy. As he passed his knowledge and dedication of hunting to me, I have done the same with my daughter and all my nieces and nephews, as well as several friends over the years.

Owning a business in the outdoor industry has always been a lifelong dream of mine and that dream became real when Mark Mason, owner of HOTT SCENTS presented me with this opportunity to purchase Bruzer Gear pack systems.   My intentions for Bruzer Gear is to provide a great pack and accessories for all hunters or outdoor enthusiasts. We believe that we have a great, durable product and can't wait to hear the stories Bruzer gear helps create for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts.

Welcome to Bruzer Gear my name is Mark Mason.

From the earliest times that I can remember I have always been in the field hunting. My father introduced me to the outdoors and hunting when I was approximately 7 years old. As I grew up spending decades in the field hunting I learned what hunters wanted and needed. In 2005 I got involved with a scent company that I later purchased in 2010. I grew that business and was fortunate to sell it in 2014, however in that 10 year run I purchased another company that is now HOTT SCENTS.

Since 2005, I have been very active within the outdoor community and fortunate enough to become friends with a lot of people in the industry, specifically the owner of Bruzer Gear backpacks. As he grew, his company his kids started playing sports and he needed to spend more time with them. He asked if I knew anybody that would be interested in Bruzer Gear so I turned him on to Ray Brown. They made a deal and now Ray is the proud new owner of Bruzer Gear Packs.